Legal Services

We provide legal services to our clients in all key branches of law. In our activities, however, we focus on the following legal branches:

We will also arrange for our clients the required legal services in foreign jurisdictions in cooperation with our cooperating foreign law offices.

Business corporations law

We provide in this field and exhaustive portfolio of services. In particular, we

  • provide legal services relating to the legislation introduced by the (new) Business Corporations Act and the New Civil Code
  • establish business corporations and arrange for making any corporate changes in them
  • set up and resolve relations among partners and shareholders of business corporations and relations between business corporations and their partners/shareholders
  • arrange for mergers or splits of business corporation and for their other transformations
  • provide support to the activities and conduct of bodies of business corporations
  • resolve restructurings of business corporations, disposals of their plants (undertakings) and other similar business disposals

Our experience in this area is valuable particularly in connection with our services in the field of M&A, financial law and real estate law.

The issues of business corporations law are dealt with in our company primarily by

M&A law

The field of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) represents the key intersection of all legal skills, not only commercial law. Notwithstanding the branch of law covering the projects of our clients, we provide to our clients, inter alia, the following 

  • assess legal risks connected with M&A projects, including the performance of due diligence
  • propose project structures
  • negotiate terms of transactions and specific contracts based on them

Our M&A services have been used by a number of clients in important projects, both on the seller and buyer side.

Our significant advantage in this field is our experience in financial law.

M&A law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by

Financial law

As regards financial law, we render services to major financial institutions and groups. We have extensive experience in mezzanine financing. We also provide legal services in debt financing.

In the field of financial law, we provide to the client particularly the following services

  • define legal conditions and securing of the financing
  • set up the credit line structure
  • prepare loan agreements, including syndicated agreements
  • prepare terms of issue and documentation relating to bonds issue
  • propose and prepare securing instruments

Billions of crowns have passed through the loan structures prepared by us for the clients … and have also returned to our clients …

Our experience in financial laws has also played a significant role in our activities in the fields of M&A and real estate law.

Financial law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by

Real estate law

We provide exhaustive legal services to our clients, particularly in the following areas:

  • purchase and sale of real estate, including the related due diligence;
  • leases and subleases of non-residential premises, real estate management and operation;
  • development contracts;
  • contracts for work.

We have participated in the implementation, restructuring and financing of a number of developer projects.

We represent clients holding large-scale real estate portfolios and provide to the comprehensive property management services.

In the field of real estate law, the clients also appreciate the quality of our services relating to their representation before administrative authorities.

Real estate law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by

Competition law

In the field of competition law, we mainly

  • represent our clients in proceedings before the Office for Protection of Competition;
  • prepare legal analyses and recommend further steps to be taken by our clients;
  • represent our clients in judicial and other proceedings arising from protection of competition or of individual rights from unfair competition.

Our experience in the field of competition is fully applied namely in M&A.

On the other hand, we also use our knowledge of competition law in disputes relating to intellectual property law.

In connection with competition law issues, our clients appreciate our skills in representation in litigation and in administrative proceedings.

Competition law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by

Intellectual property and media

We offer our clients services in all fields comprising this specified branch of law, particularly in respect of

  • applications for registration of trade marks and exercise of rights attached to them, including licensing and other documents;
  • protection of trademark rights, including judicial protection;
  • negotiation and preparation of copyright-related agreement (including licensing agreement), including software, and in the field of industrial rights;
  • negotiation and preparation of contracts in the field of media;
  • preparation of legal analyses and recommendations in the above-mentioned fields.

The issue of protection of intellectual property significantly intermingles with our expertise in competition law and in representation in litigation and in administrative proceedings.

Intellectual property and media law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by


Litigation and arbitration

We offer to our clients an exhaustive range of services in this field. Our expertise is based on our plentiful experience in representing our clients in disputes both on the plaintiff's and on the defendant's side.

We have provided to our clients services in all types of disputes, including disputes with an international element. We typically represent our clients in:

  • civil litigations relating to the assertion of client claims (including enforcement of receivables) and in the defence against claims asserted against our clients;
  • arbitration held before arbitrators and arbitral tribunals under the rules of such standing arbitration courts;
  • incidence disputes and in all other insolvency-related proceedings.

Our lawyers representing clients in litigation and arbitration include mainly


Administrative proceedings

We represent our clients in all types of proceedings, particularly

  • before cadastral and building authorities
  • in the field of protection of competition
  • in telecommunication law
  • in administrative judiciary

Our lawyers representing clients in administrative proceedings include mainly

Labour law

In this field, we provide advice to our corporate clients. In particular, we

  • prepare model labour law documentation;
  • elaborate opinions on the resolution of labour disputes;
  • represent clients in labour disputes.

Labour law issues are dealt with in our company primarily by

Criminal Law

As a part of our comprehensive services, we also represent our clients in criminal matters, specifically in

  • representing injured parties;
  • criminal defence.

We deem it important to mention that we focus in our practice mainly on economic and tax crime. This specific experience enables us to increase our positive contribution to our clients also in the other areas of our services, particularly in corporate law, M&A and competition law.

The following attorneys of HKDW handle criminal law matters: